StopHazing co-founder Dr. Elizabeth Allan recently gave a presentation at the 2014 Federal Bullying Prevention Summit, an event that brought together over 600 individuals, elizabeth-allan-89x115both in-person and online, to share and discuss issues pertaining to bullying in the United States. A common theme that emerged throughout the course of the conference was the importance of collaboration on both bullying and issues related to bullying. Along with Darlene Johnson, the Associate Director of the Office on Violence Against Women, Dr. Allan was invited to discuss high risk behaviors related to bullying, presenting on hazing in high schools. Over the course of her 15 minute talk, Dr. Allan discussed what is hazing, the differences between hazing and bullying, examples of high school hazing incidents, and how to overcome barriers and challenges associated with high school hazing and implement effective prevention programs. Attendees were also provided with an additional report that provided supplementary materials and information.