Hazing Prevention Consortium©™

The Hazing Prevention Consortium©™ (HPC) is a multi-year research-to-practice initiative to support colleges and universities in campus-wide hazing prevention while also helping to build an evidence base for hazing prevention. The HPC is guided by the data-driven Hazing Prevention Framework.

What is the Hazing Prevention Consortium©™?

HPC members work together with StopHazing’s team of research and prevention experts over a three year period, to assess campus climate for hazing and build capacity for planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating data-informed hazing prevention strategies.


Hazing undercuts the missions of colleges and universities striving to provide environments that support student well-being, inclusion, and thriving. In the wake of campus hazing tragedies and related abuses, campus leaders and staff face growing pressure to devise and implement hazing prevention plans. The challenges of risk management for hazing are matched by the vulnerability of students to hazing when it is part of campus culture. The HPC offers a structured and research-informed platform for examining campus hazing with support from experts leading pioneering research in the field.


Our team includes recognized leaders and specialists in hazing research and prevention and incorporates innovative perspectives from bystander intervention, the social norms approach, student leadership development, institutional change, and prevention evaluation. The HPC is comprised of colleges and universities with a commitment to prevent campus hazing and readiness to launch a comprehensive approach to prevention.Through their hard work and collaboration, these campuses emerge as national leaders in the effort to replace hazing with positive leadership, inclusion, and group development.

Previous HPC Member Institutions

HPC 1 – 2013-2016: Cornell University, Lehigh University, Texas A&M University, University of Kentucky, University of Maine, University of Virginia, University of Arizona, and University of Central Florida.

HPC 2 – 2017-2020: Dartmouth College, MIT, Tufts University, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and The University of Texas at Austin.

HPC 3 – 2020-2023: Brown University, Duke University, Georgia Tech, University of Missouri, University of Pennsylvania, Washington and Lee University.

HPC 4 – 2021-2024: Tarleton State University, University of California San Diego, University of California Santa Barbara, and University of Missouri.

HPC 5 – 2022-2025: University of Wisconsin and Washington & Lee University.

HPC 6 – 2023-2026: Arizona State University, Harvard College, Indiana University, New Mexico State University, Princeton University, Rhodes College, Southern Methodist University, University of Mississippi, University of San Diego, Virginia Commonwealth University, and William & Mary.

Join Us

If your institution is interested in joining an impressive group of campuses to help implement and expand research-based hazing prevention, please contact us.


Participating institutions:

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Texas A&M
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University of Maine
university of virginia
university of arizona
University of Central Florida
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