Digital Tools & Downloads

StopHazing has developed the following digital tools and downloadable resources for you to access, post, and share broadly on your social media channels, across campuses and schools, and beyond.

What is Hazing? – Infographic

This infographic has two options for download – 1) customize this version with your institution or school information and then download, or 2) simply download a general campus version without customizing.

Option 1 – to be customized

what is hazing infographic to tailor

To customize ‘Campus Resources’ section of this infographic, click the image or button above and create an account or login to Canva – then insert your campus-specific information.

Option 2 – general

what is hazing infographic

Red Flags of Hazing – Infographic

This infographic highlights the ‘red flags’ or potential warning signs of someone experiencing hazing.

Social Media Toolkit

Use this social media toolkit to amplify your hazing prevention efforts online!

This toolkit includes:

  • Social media campaign posts with draft captions
  • Story posts
  • Memes

Please tag StopHazing on social media and use the hashtag #StopHazing when you post and share our posts and resources!

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