StopHazing Internships

StopHazing internships provide opportunities for students in a variety of disciplines. Internship responsibilities may include research, marketing, communications, social media, and others for graduate and undergraduate level students.

Contact Jenny Desmond for more information about available opportunities and internship descriptions.

2024-2025 Opportunities

Hazing Prevention Intern (Research-to-Practice)

Research Assistant Intern

Hazing Prevention & Leadership Development Intern

2023-2024 Opportunities

Hazing Prevention Intern (Research-to-Practice)

Hazing Prevention & Leadership Development Intern

Higher Education Policy Intern

Research Assistant Intern

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StopHazing is seeking motivated student intern(s) to join the team for the Fall 2023 and, later, Spring 2024 terms (option to extend, pending review) to assist with research and practice-based projects and grassroots hazing prevention policy efforts. Applicants should demonstrate a strong academic record, be interested in interpersonal violence and hazing prevention, and be committed to the promotion of inclusive environments that enhance student well-being and sense of belonging.

Graduate students in higher education, student affairs, public health, and public policy programs are preferred but interested undergraduate students will also be considered. Assigned projects can be tailored to meet applicant needs, interests, and strengths. Applicants should view the job descriptions for more information, procedures to apply, and indicate the desired area(s) of interest.

Internship topic areas:

  • Research-to-practice initiatives and curriculum development
  • Social media and communications
  • Research assistance
  • Anti-hazing policy

Remuneration includes:

  • Possible academic credit
  • Valuable experience and transferable skill development

Intern Testimonials

My summer internship with StopHazing was a great experience that I would recommend to anyone looking for flexible part-time work with an interest in education and research! I was able to do a variety of projects ranging from graphic design and creating digital resources to qualitative research and policy advocacy. I learned new skills working with a variety of platforms including Canva, Mailchimp, Instagram, and others. I’m so thankful to have been a part of such a wonderful team!

2022 Research-to Practice Student Intern, Bryn Mawr College

As a StopHazing intern, I collaborated with leaders in hazing prevention, learned about the research-to-practice cycle, and affirmed my personal research and career goals. The StopHazing team was flexible, supported my goals, and offered invaluable feedback. I learned more from this internship than I have from doctoral research courses, and I am grateful to have been granted this opportunity.

2022 Higher Education Graduate Student Intern, Mississippi State University

My experiences with StopHazing as an intern has been the highlight of my graduate career. It presented me with amazing opportunities from content development to institutional and professional outreach to developing and supervising new projects. All of which enabled me to build upon my interests, network and engage with a variety of professionals, and refine and develop a variety of skill sets. Through this opportunity, I have seen hazing prevention work in action on a variety of campuses nation-wide. I would not have had such an amazing experience if it was not for the incredible team that is StopHazing!

2022 Higher Education Graduate Student Intern, Illinois State University

Being able to work with StopHazing and so many other organizations to get the REACH Act through Congress has been an incredible experience. The REACH Act is an important piece of legislation that would help keep students safe and save lives. My experience this summer has reinforced my desire to work on higher education policy topics so that I can help ensure all students have access to a safe and equitable education. I hope to be able to continue to advocate for the passage of the REACH Act in any way that I can.

2021 Policy Graduate Student Intern, Duke University

This internship supplemented the theories learned in my graduate courses and built upon the practices and skills used in higher education. I have created a network of connections that I will utilize throughout my career.

2020-2021 Higher Education Graduate Student Intern, Stony Brook University

Interning with StopHazing was such a great experience as a graduate student and I can’t suggest it enough for those interested in research, interpersonal violence prevention, building campus partnerships, or simply just looking for an internship that will reap meaningful experiences during their graduate career. Dr. Allan and her colleagues constantly encourage their interns to be creative, providing many opportunities to pursue unique internship responsibilities and duties. Dr. Allan and her team are personally invested in the individual success of each intern and will take the time to ensure their internship is as successful and beneficial as possible! I was so fortunate to intern with StopHazing and can’t recommend this opportunity enough to those interested!

2019-2020 Higher Education Graduate Student Intern, University of Maine

“Working with StopHazing was unlike any experience I’ve had in higher education. Getting to see firsthand how research informs practice, policy, partnerships, and collaboration with campus professionals reaffirmed my commitment as a student affairs practitioner and to student safety and cultivating a sense of belonging. StopHazing is leading the industry in hazing prevention and research, and I was so grateful to be a part of their work in helping campuses create meaningful and sustainable change.”

2021 Higher Education Graduate Student Intern, University of Denver

My experience as a Graduate Intern with the StopHazing allowed me to have incredible opportunities including co-presenting at the NASPA Strategies National Conference and participating in discussions and webinars with professionals from top universities across the country. Dr. Elizabeth Allan worked to provide me with guided supervision and mentorship to develop skills that would serve me throughout the remainder of my graduate career and set the foundation for my success as a young professional in Student Affairs. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to complete formal assessments, participate in the design of new Stop Hazing rubrics, and see the impact that research-to-practice initiatives can have on institutions of higher education.

2019-2020 Higher Education Graduate Intern, University of Maine

“Being a StopHazing intern has truly redefined my perspective of higher education and helped me better understand hazing in general. One of my favorite parts of the internship was assisting with qualitative research and then discussing with professionals about how to prevent hazing on their campus. Not only was I building relationships with practitioners, but I was able to see hazing prevention work in action. This internship provided me with countless opportunities to explore my interests and build upon my skills. StopHazing has an incredible team behind it, so apply to join today!”

2021 Higher Education Graduate Student Intern, Penn State University

“This internship with StopHazing allowed me to apply my course work within a ‘real-world’ setting and experience social media as a career.”

2020 Undergraduate Communications Intern, University of Maine

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