States with Anti-Hazing Laws

The map below provides a visual representation of the states with anti-hazing laws. Although 44 of the 50 states have anti-hazing laws in place, the strength and breadth of the laws vary significantly. Some statutes silo hazing as a collegiate or fraternal behavior only, while others are stronger and more comprehensive. Some states fail to legally address hazing at all. 

Advocating for stronger and more comprehensive laws is an important component of prevention. Check out your state’s law below. Consider how you could strengthen it to keep students safe and hold hazers accountable.

States with anti-hazing laws

States without anti-hazing laws

Click on a state to read the anti-hazing law.

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Hazing Laws by State (copy)

Hazing definitions are significant components of anti-hazing laws that vary significantly. StopHazing has developed this resource to better understand what constitutes an inclusive definition of hazing and which states include the third component of ‘regardless of consent’ or ‘regardless of an individuals willingness to participate’ in their law definitions. Learn more about the definition of hazing and its three components here.

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“The state in which a student chooses to attend college should not dictate the safety of students who may be at risk of experiencing hazing.”

Dr. Elizabeth Allan & Meredith Stewart
Federal Anti-Hazing Legislation and the REACH Act: A Concept PaperLearn more.

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