Workshop Facilitation & Interactive Trainings

StopHazing offers workshop facilitations and interactive trainings for campuses, student groups and organizations, and other stakeholders. Our workshops and trainings are research-informed and emerge from evaluated strategies used with the Hazing Prevention Consortium (HPC). 

Delivered by the StopHazing facilitation team, these workshops and trainings include content on the following: defining and recognizing hazing, hazing prevention, leadership development, values-based decision making, group belonging, inclusion, bystander intervention, developing healthy groups and teams. 

StopHazing offers facilitations of the following workshops:

  • 10 Signs of Healthy & Unhealthy Groups
  • Hazing 101
  • Making Space for Leaders to Lead Change
  • Practicing Values-Based Leadership & Decision Making
  • We Don’t Haze

Facilitations and trainings offered range from 60-120minutes with options to consult to tailor additional content and develop an evaluation plan and report. 

Offered virtually and in-person depending on availability.

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