Presentation Requests

Looking to request a presentation from StopHazing staff or book a speaker? Keep reading.

Oftentimes, StopHazing receives requests for presentations and other speaking engagements. StopHazing’s mission is to promote safe and inclusive school, campus, and organizational environments through research, resource sharing, and the development of data-driven strategies for hazing prevention and the promotion of positive group climates. 

In alignment with the StopHazing mission and values of research-to-practice, collaboration, and leadership, requests for StopHazing representation and/or presentation should meet the below criteria and guidelines that illuminate the nature and extent of hazning and inform effective hazing prevention.

Criteria and Guidelines:

  • Party submits a request to StopHazing staff via email detailing the presentation type (see below), why it is relevant to the audience, audience type and size, timeframe, and budget
  • Party requesting StopHazing representation demonstrates a commitment to hazing prevention and the scope of hazing prevention goes beyond hosting this proposed presentation. Meaning, effective hazing prevention includes a dosage of prevention efforts well beyond a one-off presentation or event per year that ‘checks the box’

Virtual Presentation Types:

  • Workshop Facilitation for Students and/or Groups
  • Research Applications 
  • Resource Walk-through

Other Details:

  • If accepted, the requesting party will work with StopHazing to schedule
  • The presentation may be provided by StopHazing staff or their trained facilitators 
  • There is a suggested minimum donation to StopHazing depending on the demands of the presentation to fund research and continued program development 
  • Discounts are available for institutions and organizations serving historically under-served populations such as HBCUs, TCUs, HSIs, and community colleges. 

Contact Meredith Stewart for more information and to submit a request |

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