Hazing Prevention Rubric and Consulting

Members of the StopHazing team work with designated personnel to review, refine, and test hazing prevention initiatives that are in development or already established. These consults are designed according to the data-driven Hazing Prevention Framework and utilize the Hazing Prevention Rubric (HPR) to guide assessment and benchmarking efforts. Consulting relative to specific aspects of the prevention process and can be individual or combined and customized according to needs of the organization.

Building and maintaing a hazing prevention coalition (Capacity Consult)

Commitment to Hazing Prevention (Leadership Consult) Effective prevention requires commitment. Commitment consults focus on developing visible messaging, building infrastructure to support hazing prevention, policy development and enforcement, and transparency.

Building and maintaing a hazing prevention coalition (Capacity Consult)

Building and maintaining a hazing prevention coalition (Capacity Consult) Consulting with key staff regarding management, mission, structure, leadership and capacity building of hazing prevention coalitions, committees and/or task forces.  Consults can involve coalition leaders or full coalition membership.

Planning for hazing prevention (Planning Consult)

Planning for hazing prevention (Planning Consult) Consulting with key staff to advise on processes and steps for effective prevention planning, including development of logic models, engagement of key stakeholders, use of assessment data, selection and recruitment of target audiences, evidence-based selection of prevention strategies, and establishment of milestones and measures for accountability, success, and program outcomes.

Implementation of prevention strategies (Implementation Consult)

Implementation of prevention strategies (Implementation Consult) Consulting with key staff to develop and refine hazing prevention strategies, including customized feedback on established hazing strategies and/or design of new strategies, selection and recruitment of target audiences for specific strategies, alignment of prevention activities/strategies with hazing policies and procedures, and provision of resources to inform hazing prevention activities, including communications, trainings, policies and procedures, bystander intervention, social norms and social messaging.

Evaluation of hazing prevention (Evaluation Consult)

Evaluation of hazing prevention (Evaluation Consult) Consulting with key staff to refine established evaluation approaches and/or design new evaluations of hazing prevention initiatives, including customized survey, focus group and interview design, formative assessments using target audience members to design prevention strategies, incorporation of bystander and social norms information in evaluation instruments, design of outcomes measures, evaluation data analysis, and refinement of prevention initiatives based on evaluation findings.

Sustainability of hazing prevention (Sustainability Consult)

Sustainability of hazing prevention (Sustainability Consult) Consulting to support efforts by lead prevention staff and administrators to sustain ongoing prevention initiatives, including stakeholder engagement, organizational development, networking and formation of peer cohorts, dissemination of resources, and fundraising.


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