Hazing Prevention Academy©™

Hazing Prevention Academy

The Hazing Prevention Academy©™ (HPA) is a program geared for professionals with a foundational understanding of hazing and its prevention. The HPA currently emphasizes commitment and capacity building for hazing prevention and provides an overview of the data driven Hazing Prevention Framework (HPF). The HPA also provides space and time to foster discussion and Q&A opportunities to explore how participants can influence prevention through research-based, collaborative practice. Several evidence-informed implementation strategies, derived directly from the work of institutions involved in the Hazing Prevention Consortium (HPC), are also discussed.

With an enrollment cap for attendees, participants can expect to gain a deeper understanding of: hazing as a campus-wide climate and culture issue and the intersections of hazing with other campus safety concerns. The HPA is delivered by Dr. Elizabeth Allan, the StopHazing Research Team, past and present HPC member practitioners, and dedicated hazing prevention advocates through a presentation-discussion format in which attendees engage in reflection-based activities, complete self-assessment rubrics given their roles and campuses, and participate in large and small group discussions.

Hazing Prevention Academy©™ (HPA) deliverables include:

  • HPF Overview
  • Commitment to Hazing Prevention Assessment & Planning
  • Capacity Building for Hazing Prevention
  • Abridged Hazing Prevention Self-Assessment Rubrics
  • Group Discussion – strategically formed by institution type, size, functional area, etc.
  • Specific Implementation Strategies & Resources
  • Optional Technical Assistance
  • Supplemental Foundational Webinar Series

*Discounts are available for institutions serving historically under-served populations such as HBCUs, TCUs, HSIs, and community colleges. 

*HPA registration is covered for: HPC member institutions, StopHazing Annual Members (2 per institution), and Webinar Subscribers (1 per institution).

This was incredible! Would love to participate in another training on the other components as well. Such valuable information and the facilitators were fantastic! Thank you for this opportunity. 

HPA Participant 2022

The HPA was well organized and had a nice combination of presenters from StopHazing and campus practitioners. Good blend of content and opportunities for self-assessment and small group discussion.

HPA Participant 2021

This was incredibly valuable. Thank you for making this training evidence-informed. I was also really impressed with how well structured this training was with the various presenters.

HPA Participant 2021