Campus Hazing Survey

Campus Hazing Survey©™ and Report (Basic Survey)

Campus Hazing Survey©™ and Report (Basic Survey) StopHazing researchers work with clients to tailor and administer the Survey of College Student Hazing with a random sample of students. A basic data report with comparison to national data is included.

Campus Hazing Survey©™ Consultation (Basic Survey + Consult)

Campus Hazing Survey©™ Consultation (Basic Survey + Consult) StopHazing researchers work with designated personnel to include additional survey questions specific to organizational traditions and culture and discuss findings and recommendations from analysis of survey data in a conference call.

Campus Hazing Survey©™ Follow Up Consultation (Basic Survey + Follow up)

Campus Hazing Survey©™ Follow-Up Consultation (Basic Survey + Follow-up) StopHazing researchers meet with designated campus personnel via conference call to discuss findings and recommendations from survey data.

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