HAZING Film Viewing Guide

In HAZING, a 90-minute first-person documentary, director Byron Hurt weaves his personal story with those of a diverse mix of characters. The film features the voices of hazing victims, family members of victims, perpetrators, and scholars, providing historical context with the film’s thematic framework: that hazing is a widespread, far-reaching system fueled by tradition, secrecy, groupthink, power and control, and the desire to belong. 

StopHazing and Hurt’s production company, God Bless the Child Productions, LLC (GBC), have partnered to release a  collection of resources to accompany the film. These materials are designed to support the film’s use as a hazing prevention strategy and part of a comprehensive approach to hazing prevention.

Download the Viewing Guide Now:

Using HAZING As a Prevention Tool

This resource is designed to enhance learning and knowledge by supporting the use of the film as a media teaching tool. 

This Viewing Guide includes:

  • An overview of the issue of hazing as a form of interpersonal violence
  • Foundational concepts and research insights for hazing prevention
  • Considerations for hosting a viewing and facilitating a program
  • Discussion questions
  • A (forthcoming) series of short-form resources that focus on prevalent themes from the film including mental health, bystander intervention, leadership, and power dynamics. 

Each themed short-form resource will connect the film to hazing prevention and provide suggested activities to extend reflection and learning from the film’s content.