Campus Commitment to Hazing Prevention: Action Guide©™

The Campus Commitment to Hazing Prevention: Action Guide©™  provides practical resources focused on one of the eight Hazing Prevention Framework©™ components — commitment.  Use the Action Guide to engage campus leaders and the broader campus community in eliminating campus hazing culture and ultimately, transforming group environments to support healthy belonging and well-being for all students.

“According to our data, hazing prevention is a leadership issue.”

Hazing Prevention Consortium Campus Professional


In 2018, StopHazing and Clery Center released the Hazing Prevention Toolkit for Campus Professionals©™, which outlines the data-driven Hazing Prevention Framework©™ (HPF). The Framework was developed with findings from a research-to-practice project, the Hazing Prevention Consortium, led by StopHazing and researchers at the University of Maine. 

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Action Guide Overview

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Overview of the background and research to provide context for the developed evidence-informed resources included in the Action Guide.

Campus Commitment Information-Gathering Tool:

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Determine what existing practices signal campus-wide commitment to hazing prevention and recommended actions to take in the future.

PowerPoint Template: Making the Case for Hazing Prevention Support:

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Adapt this PowerPoint template to garner support for future hazing prevention needs or efforts.

Campus Commitment Planning Resource:

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Learn how to intentionally engage the campus community in hazing prevention over time.

Strategies for Engaging Students and Families:

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Utilize some of these strategies to engage students and their family support systems in hazing prevention.

Sample Letter from Campus Leadership:

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This sample letter shows how a broadly disseminated message from key leaders can model commitment to hazing prevention.

StopHazing strives to make many of its resources free of cost and available to the public. As you use or share any of these resources, please utilize the citations noted within the resources to properly credit our work.

To cite the Action Guide in full, use the following citation:

StopHazing & Clery Center. (2021). Campus commitment to hazing prevention: Action guide©™.

The Campus Commitment to Hazing Prevention: Action Guide©™ was made in partnership with Clery Center. The research that serves as the basis for this practical resource was conducted at the University of Maine, home to the StopHazing Research Lab.

If you have any questions about the resources, please reach out to for assistance.