New Jersey Anti-Hazing Law

2C:40-3. Hazing; aggravated hazing

a. A person is guilty of hazing, a disorderly persons offense, if, in connection with initiation of applicants to or members of a student or fraternal organization, he knowingly or recklessly organizes, promotes, facilitates or engages in any conduct, other than competitive athletic events, which places or may place another person in danger of bodily injury.

b. A person is guilty of aggravated hazing, a crime of the fourth degree, if he commits an act prohibited in subsection a. which results in serious bodily injury to another person.

2C:40-4. Consent not available as defense to hazing

Notwithstanding any other provision of Title 2C of the New Jersey Statutes to the contrary, consent shall not be available as a defense to a prosecution under this Act.

18A:3-25. Pledge’s Bill of Rights

2. The Attorney General shall develop a “Pledge’s Bill of Rights” which outlines acceptable and unacceptable behavior and activities in regard to the pledge or rushing activities of college and university fraternities and sororities and other similar campus organizations. In developing the bill of rights, the Attorney General shall review the existing pledge and anti-hazing policies and procedures of public and independent institutions of higher education within the State and shall, as appropriate, incorporate those policies into the bill of rights. The Attorney General shall make the “Pledge’s Bill of Rights” available to each institution of higher education within the State.

18A:3-26. Information on hazing included

3.     The bill of rights developed by the Attorney General pursuant to section 2 of P.L.1991, c.388 (C.18A:3-25) shall include information on the criminal penalties for hazing and aggravated hazing established pursuant to P.L.1980, c.169 (C.2C:40-3 et seq.).

18A:3-27. Distribution

4.     Every public and independent institution of higher education within the State shall ensure that any student who participates in pledging activities at that institution receives a copy of the “Pledge’s Bill of Rights.”

18A:62-5.  Violence and hazing;  monitor of incidence;  uniform record-keeping system

The Chancellor of Higher Education shall establish standards and promulgate  rules and regulations to monitor the incidence of violence and hazing in the  institutions of higher education in New Jersey and shall establish a uniform  record-keeping system for the purpose of gathering information pertaining to  such offenses.  As used in this act,  “violence” means any crime against  person or property which creates a risk of causing bodily harm.
L.1982, c. 223, s. 1, eff. Dec. 30, 1982; per s.4, act to “remain in effect for a period of 3 years.

18A:62-6.  Report by employee;  filing;  forwarding of report and action taken to state department of higher education

Any employee of an institution of higher education observing or having direct knowledge from a participant or victim of an act of violence or hazing shall, in accordance with standards established by the chancellor, file a report describing the incident to the chief executive officer of the institution in a manner prescribed by the chancellor, and a copy of the report shall be forwarded to the State Department of Higher Education.
The chief executive officer of the institution shall notify the State Department of Higher Education of the incident and of the action taken regarding the incident.
L.1982, c. 223, s. 2, eff. Dec. 30, 1982; per s.4, act to “remain in effect for a period of 3 years.

18A:62-7.  Annual report

The Chancellor of Higher Education shall include in his annual report to the  Governor and the Legislature, pursuant to N.J.S. 18A:3-21, a section detailing  the extent of violence and hazing in the institutions of higher education,  explaining the measures being taken to counter the problem, and making  recommendations to alleviate the problem.

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